Wee Folk Dancing

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The Concept

The project using my ”Wee Folk Dancing” theme for Oran Mor began when I asked Colin Beattie if he knew of someone who might help with the funding of my project for St. Andrews in the Square, in Glasgow.

He asked me what else I would like to do with this concept, one of the things I mentioned was that I would like to make a cobbled pavement.
"Make it here", he said.

The project was installed in May 2008 and forms the main entrance walkway to Oran Mor from Byres Road. It is approximately 5mts x 3.2Mts.
It is made of around 10,000 pieces.
The background is sandstone and the figures are made of various different natural coloured stones.
I think that this project will need to be called ”Big Folk Dancing”.

The Work

mosaic picture

This shows the group of the three figures. The method is more stone mosaic than a cobbled pavement.

mosaic detail

A detail of one of the figures.

The Design
design small

The design was made using CAD drawings that were then enlarged to full scale.

A sandblasted sample for the St Andrews in the Square Project

sampleThis project has recently been granted planning consent but I still need to raise 50% funding from private sources. It is hoped that it will be completed by spring of next year.

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A recent Sunday Times Article about the Oran Mor Project

John K Clark - August 2008

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