Some Films

I will use this area for adding films that I have made, mainly they are for the Kericho Project but I am beginning to make more videos about other projects and even music performances.

fusing at altitude

I have a theory that altitude plays a significant role in glass firing temperatures. This video is just a plea to other glass artists to send me their experiences.

making of a crucifix

The making of a small brass figure for the crucifix installed in the chapel of Kericho Cathedral.
This video follows the making of the figure from simple wire armature and clay the casting of the figure, the wax figure to create a cast to make the final brass figure. The metal work was undertaken by Toumer Yeshim in Kenya. He also made the full sized figure for the cross in the Cathedral.

Cathedral Walkround march 2016

A recent film showing the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Kericho. I was there in April of 2016 and did a walk round. The building is in the final stages of being completed which we expect to happen this year.

Nothing comes easy

This is a musician I met in Karen, Nairobi, John Cusa. I filmed him live in a compound in one of the poorer areas of Nairobi. It is a good song.


This is a lovely piece played by Monica Gutmann and Marat Dickermann - Kaddisch by Alexander Weprik, that I recorded in the Hotel Ca'n Bonico - Mallorca - 2015

time lapses

A very quick and short film showing some of the stages of the building of the new Cathedral in Kericho, Kenya.

making a station of the cross

The film shows the Artist Florence Wangui and myself with the help of Patrick Kamau going through the various stages of creating this one panel, nr. 14, the last in the cycle of the Stations of the Cross for Kericho Cathedral.
AS can be seen in this film, this is not glass painting, but a relief sculpture.

Before Creation3>

This is a short film from old video material that I had about the Queen’s Park Synagogue. At the time I edited this little film, I had forgotten that more video was made. I now have this and once I get it transferred to a form I can use, I will make a new video about this project.

25 May 2015

A fly-over of the Cathedral the day after the consecration4 May 2015. The building is not quite complete but this video gives a nice sense of the structure and the setting.


This is a film about how the smallest windows for the Holy Trinity Church in Shanghai were made. The film focuses on the two small Roese Windows on the East and West Facades of the building.
The windows are made using Lamberts Glass and are extensively etched and painted.